What if I want a size that isn't listed in the price list?

If you want prints larger than the ones I have listed on my price lists, than please contact me as I will have a local printer here in Los Angeles to print my larger sizes. I personally like to oversee the production of these sizes especially if you chose to have them framed as well. Feel free to reach me at visualtapestryimages@gmail.com or directly through my contact page here on my site.

I would like my picture framed, what would you recommend?

If you purchase directly through the site, you can add framing and mounting as you checkout. This will be done through Bay Photo for the size that you purchase. I will be happy to provide you recommendations on the type of frames and mounting if you choose this route. For any larger sized prints not listed on my price list, please contact me and I can recommend other types of framing as well as the price. Many of my larger prints are now being frame in plexi and my framer is also able to do these in smaller sizes. If you would like to see samples or purchase such framing, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

How can I get some of your pictures printed onto greeting cards?

Some people have asked for my photos to be made into greeting cards. I did have that option here on my website but I wanted to make them more customized for my customers. If there are photos that you would like made into greeting cards, we can discuss several options that could be done. Many times I have made them by hand and others I have had them formally printed, though I'm still exploring the latter as I haven't quite found one that I'm satisfied with. Though if you would like customized cards, I can certainly do that for you.

Why are we unable to purchase certain photos in a gallery?

If you happen to click on the "BUY" button and there is no price list, than I have not marked that particular picture for sale. The reason is because I haven't received the proper permission to sell that photo e.g. I wasn't able to acquire a model release or the property release was too much or permission wasn't granted yet.

If there is a photo that you would like that is part of this empty list, please don't hesitate to contact me as I may have been granted proper rights for selling them as there are several I'm simply just waiting on a response before I flip the switch back on them.

Mahalo for your patience and understanding.